All Metalplanetbelfast Events our on gig page: Live Review: Geoff Tate:Operation Mindcrime check out what Geoff had to say in are interview and read his live review.

Live Review: Motionless in White with Support from Ice Nine Kills take a read to see what took place on the first night of the tour.

Album Review:Joe Satriani :What Happens Next read what Samantha Lamb had to say about the Guitar Maestro Latest offering.

Steel Panther rolled into Belfast with there sex inuendo show-read -Ivor Whittens Live review  

Album Review:Accuser deliver unrelenting thrash on the Mastery.

:Album Review:Thuum release Through Smoke Comes fire check out this offering of doom and sludge. 

Live Review:Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes Mandela Hall Belfast

Live Review: Raveneye Return to belfast with support from Skam, Ivor Whittens review live now

Live Review: Therion Symphonic extravaganza hits Belfast limelight 2 ,Jonathan Traynors review live now



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