Holiday in Italy

We had wanted to visit Italy for a really long time and we finally managed to organise a trip to the capital city. Here you can find a short report and the best photos from the trip.

Day one: finally arriving in Rome

After a tiring flight and a turbulent taxi ride through the Italian capital, we reached our little hotel in the late afternoon. At first, the taxi driver didn't understand us, and we thought that our hotel didn't exist. What a shock that was! But then he brought us to the right address after all, and at no extra charge.

 Our room faced a quiet courtyard in the back, and we felt very comfortable for the three days we were there. But we never really fell in love with Rome itself: it's too loud, too hectic and in some places quite filthy. We were usually glad to be back within our own four walls during the evenings.

Photo gallery: the prettiest pictures



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