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Volbeat Live Telegraph Building Belfast 26th May 2018

Rock and roll has always had its detractors who thought it was “the Devil’s music”, going right back to when riots broke out while Bill Haley and the Comets sang ‘Rock Around the Clock’ and girls fainted when Elvis rolled that famous pelvis.

30 Seconds to Mars Live SSE Arena 29th May 2018

30 Seconds to Mars land perfectly in Belfast

On an abnormally hot and sunny day for a place more used to drizzly temperate climes, a happy queue could be seen snaking round the front of the SSE Arena, Belfast. 

Monster Magnet Live Limelight 1 2nd June 2018

 The allure of the Golden Age of rock and metal – the end of the Seventies, and most of the Eighties – has enjoyed an extraordinary longevity: its influence is still being felt now, thirty-odd years later; an impressive feat by anyone’s standards. 

Reef Live Harmony Festival Holywood 1st June 2018

In the quiet town of Holywood there is a special moment every year when one portion of it is transformed into an incredible mini Glastonbury for three nights. This year’s Friday night kick-off saw the Harmony Festival, spearheaded by the inimitable Garry Jackson, his wife Mari, and the glorious Marie Nancarrow, play host to not one, not two but three amazing acts.

Black Label Societ Live Limelight 1 Belfast 9th April 2018

Marillion Live Ulster Hall Belfast 8th April 2018

Toto Live Belfast Waterfront Hall 6th April 2018

The Stranglers Live  Belfast 7th April 2018

Tesament Live Vicar Street Dublin 1st April 2018

Joe Bonamassa Live Brighton Centre 17th March 2018

Skidrow Live Limelight 1 Belfast 3rd March 2018

Magnum Live Limelight 1 Belfast 3rd January 2018 

Butcher Babies Live Glasgow 25th Feb 2018 

Donum Dei Live Belfast Empire 9th March 2018

Alien Ant Farm Live Limelight 1 Belfast 16th Feb 2018

Therion Live Limelight 1 Belfast 10th Feb 2018

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