The Amorettes, The Treatment ,& The Dead Daisies @ Rock City



This was being billed locally as the big gig of the week and there was a reson for this, Rock royalty were coming to to grace the stage of the famous rock city Notts,but before that the crowd were in for extra treats first with the all female three piece from Scotland The Amorettes

At times unfairly I feel being called just another AC/DC sounding band Gill, Heather, and Hannah,are a hell of a lot more than that having seen them a few times before on a much smaller stage they proved tonight they can handle the bigger ones just as well showing no nerves at all and starting with the title track of their new album Born To Break it wasn’t long before the large crowd had embraced what these girls do best, play hard and heavy rock Gill Montgomery lead guitar and vocals and the McKay sisters bassist Heather and drums Hannah who is considered to be one of the best young drummers on the rock scene today did a blistering set,half way through they played their anthemic Let The Neighbours Call The Cops and Gill had nearly everyone in the place singing along and closing with the brilliant Hot and Heavy if that’s how you like your music you will love these girls.

Coming up next was The Treatment, a Cambridge five piece formed in 2008 and it is fair to say that consistencey hasn’t been their strongest point, now into their third front man in ten years Tom Rampton. This being said they show a lot of enthusiasm on stage and started with a super catchy tune Let IT Begin ,other stand out songs were I Bleed Rock N roll & The Devil but out of the eight songs songs they performed that was it really I felt Rampton tried a little too hard at times and his voice was a little off.

Now for the big one The Dead Daisies ,rejecting the name super group they without a doubt are that and more,consisting of musicians with c,v s from the likes of Dio, Motley Crue ,Journey ,Black Star Riders they were here to promote their latest album Burn It Down but they did a hell of a lot more than that,band creator Australian David Lowey with his impressive collection of flying v’s doesn’t try and steal the limelight and instead lets every member shine in their own special way, none more than guitar maistro Doug Aldrich who Lowey lets do most of the amazing guitar work .To say I was impressed would be an understatement and each member of this band show their talents both as individuals and as team players .Showcasing the new album they also played songs from previous ones and some amazing covers such as the stones tune Bitch a very clever way of introducing members of the band by each them playing a short medley of their individual bands this being The Boys Are Back in Town / Highway to Hell / Smoke on the Water / Rock and Roll All Nite / Heaven and HellEafter which the crowd went mental.John Corabi looking so different from his Motley Crue days and now looking like a refugee from woodstock was tremendous throughout. his powerful range blew me away and the.Newest daisy Deen Castronovo treated us to a brilliant drum solo interacting with the crowd throughout something he could never have done in his Journey days.I could go on forever about this band and the performance instead I will just say go out and purchase a ticket to one of their gigs and you will be treated to one special night these guys are not called rock gods for nothing ,I must just mention the final song of the night a terrific version of the sensational Alex Harvey bands Midnight Moses and sung with pure emotion by Korabi.

A big kiss and thank you to Claire for giving me the opportunity to review this concert and whitnessng this great night.


Review by Dave Martin. t

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