After reviewing this grimed up metal merchants Seething Akira’s single “Matching Poles of Magnets”, their new album “Sleepy Skeletor” dropped into the inbox. Hands were rubbed in glee, a smirk rose triumphantly and play was pressed. Even the album name feels like a cheeky wink and nod to all the geeks out there.

When you look forward to listening to a full album like this there is always that split second where you doubt yourself. Dear lord, was the single a one trick pony? Is this going to be filled with tracks only still you will only like the one that got you worked up in the first place? But rest assured, Seething Akira. Do. Not. Disappoint.

For 25 seconds they tease you to pique your interest, to pull out the anticipation and to general piss about. Then. Yes then chugging electronically in is the hypnotic beat of “The Monster from Brussels”. You may never have thought that you could headbang to grime, but Seething Akira just burst that bubble with a pure solid heavy metal primordial beat overlaid with angry vocals and rocking guitar riffs mixed in. You had better put all your ornaments in a safe place because you will mosh your ass off winging through the house to this. before it  beautifully brings you slowed back down at the end of the track. Take a rest you probably deserve it.

Then comes “Matching Poles of Magnets”, which is reviewed elsewhere on the site. Seriously, go read it and then come back. Its not getting repeated here, suffice to say it was a pleasure to hear this monster of a beautiful sweeping track again. Like meeting your best friend after a short break.

The bizarre Grime Metal smorgasbord continues with “Half Empty” as it tantalizingly floats in like a feather before slowly building and building until it finally explodes into a frustrated aggressive roll. The vocals perfectly push you on through the track.

Up next like a heavy metal Prodigy comes “I am The Devil”, an insane fast and furious track of heavy riffs, sick beats (I Never thought I would ever utter those words) and all overlaid with a brutal rolling speed.

Your brutal beating from Grime Metal continues with “Backlash” which features Olly Simmons, of Brighton-based drum ‘n’ bass band, The Qemists. What an amazing anthemic piece of rocked up drum n’ bass.

Next is “Pack Animals” that just keeps up the onslaught. You might be a bit knackered by now and find half the house destroyed.

“Paralysed” is another fantastic energised track with such an intense emotional thread flowing right through it. Like all of the tracks the vocals superbly flow between aggressive vocalised canablism before flipping over to clean clear softly delivered singing. It really shows of how these guys can put up great counterpoints and contradictions within the songs. You will be hooked.

Another change in tone with “Even Angels Break Hearts” featuring Dani Uziel the singer/songwriter from Portsmouth. Its such an astonishing demon filled angelic track and is very reminiscent of Eminem and Dido’s “Stan”.

The penultimate track is “Disconnect” again another piece just full of aggression and frustration with heavy grime metal juxtaposed with a wonderfully uplifting sweeping electronic violin piece. Again its just so damn easy to headbang to.

Lastly, but far from least comes “The Islander” an outstanding fusion of what metal grime might sound like in Jamaica.

Overall, Seething Akira is a band that just seems to have gouged out their own way of doing things, their own style and their own genre. From the first track to the very last they just make a constant impact on you delivering a remarkable album that will stand out as something special for years to come.

If you hate Drum n’ Bass or Grime, you will still love this. If you have never heard of Drum n’ Bass or Grime you have now, in the very best way possible. This is Grime for metal heads. Energetic, controlled aggression with electronic drum n’ bass filled with heavy guitar riffs. Its catchy and infinitely replayable. It is an outstanding album that you will play over and over again and the band are a perfect blend of The Prodigy and The Beastie Boys with a definite metal edge.

Sleepy Skeletor is out on 29th June. Buy it.

Review by Ivor Whitten

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