El Paso, Texas based ‘Not My Master’ play brash, abrasive metal music. Very much an in your face, take no prisoners kind of band, it can be difficult to pinpoint their style, which draws from an extensive range of influences but primarily blends dirty thrashy metal guitar playing with gravelly screamed vocals. Their new EP, “Disobey” is released on July 6th. You can check out their lyric video for “Where’s God Now” on YouTube.


Disobey opens with “Acadence”. The track starts with battering drums laying down a war beat before a chunky, bassy groove starts playing that lays the foundation for the rest of the song. It’s a heavy, hard-hitting song that only deviates briefly to a mellow, melodic interlude that both shows off the vocalist’s clean chops and gives the song a sense of scale. Dropping the song down for a moment actually helps to lift the rest of the song, it creates a dichotomy, a contrast between loud and quiet that really enhances the song.


“Revenge” features a rolling, steam train guitar riff along with triplet-heavy drumming and an atmospheric, melodic chorus. I get a Deftones vibe from it. The song showcases the rhythm section of the band. While they don’t play the most complicated rhythms or time signatures, they are rock solid throughout the EP and offer a very syncopated, percussive sound that complements the guitar and vocals, it adds an extra layer to an already full sounding band.


One of the best songs on the EP, “Where’s God Now”, opens with a dirty, hypnotic guitar riff. The simple riff acts as the backbone of the song, it’s a pivot point that the song always comes back to. The raw, visceral vocals on top of the riff enhances that mesmerising quality. This plays well with the religiously charged lyrics, a theme that continues throughout the EP.


“Morning Star” and “Lies” continue to display NMM’s broad range of influences. Far from being a one trick pony, this mix gives them a unique voice in a genre often crowded with cookie-cutter music. “Morning Star” shows their softer, more melodic side while “Lies” is arguably the rawest sounding track on the EP, featuring fuzzed-out guitars and extremely guttural vocals.


“How the God’s Kill”, a Danzig cover, continues the lyrical attack on religion. Its spacey, atmospheric and, although it’s a bit of a deviation, it doesn’t sound massively out of place on the EP. It’s another great example of the vocalist’s clean singing voice. It’s hypnotic, lethargic and almost cultish.


“Consume” wraps things up with a bang. It pretty much encapsulates everything good about the band. Guttural, angry vocals, chunky aggressive guitar riffs and an absolutely air tight rhythm section.


Overall, I really can’t recommend Disobey enough. It’s a mix of different kinds of metal music that works on a bunch of different levels. It’s not flashy and there’s little intricacy to be found. But if you like angry, visceral, furious fighting music then Not My Master is for you.

It’s Texas, it’s big, it’s bad (the good bad), and it’s more than worth your time.

Track Listing: 1. Acadence 2. Revenge 3. Where's God Now. 4. Morning Star 5. Lies 6. How The Gods Kill 7. Consume





Review by Josh Farrell



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