German rockers Motorjesus have made a name for themselves crafting gasoline fuelled metal music. Their last album, “Electric Revelation”, released in 2014, established them as a go-to band for reliable hard rock music. And now Motorjesus are revving their engines again with “Race to Resurrection”, Released June 15th on Drakkar Records.


The album opens with “Tales from the wrecking ball”, and you are immediately introduced to everything that makes Motorjesus great: a fast and furious guitar riff, Hetfield-esque vocals coupled with slick harmonies, and a hooky chorus that will be stuck in your head all day long. As vocalist Chris “Howling” Brix wails “Raise my fist and I will tear down the wall” you get a sense of what not just the album, but the band as a whole, is all about.


The guitar work is rock solid, if unspectacular. The best riffs are to be found on the aptly titled “Speedway Sanctuary” and “Burning Black”, as well as “Casket Days” with its groovy, doomy, and almost stoner rock inspired riffs (which also features a brief, but enjoyable, death metal section). There’s plenty of solos too, but they often lack any real flash. Guitarist Andy Peters plays solos that are tight, crisp and fit perfectly into the songs, but they’re not necessarily going to blow you away.


There’s no real rise and fall to the album. Motorjesus chose to kick into high gear from the start and pretty much stay there for most of the duration. The only real foray into the mellow comes from “The Infernal”, an acoustic centric ballad style song that goes to show how well rounded Motorjesus have become. It proves the maturity of a band who have every right to simply churn out fast paced rock songs. The essence of the band is still maintained in the song, the signature ‘sing-along’ chorus is still there. But I was really impressed by their ability to branch out and experiment with different styles.


Lyrically the album is fairly simple, but to call it generic would be unfair. There’s no political message or sociological nuance to be found. But that’s not what you want from this kind of band. There’s the obligatory references to the Devil, drinking, fighting and fast cars. And that’s exactly what it should be. You don’t want to think about politics and life and all the important questions when you’re having a good time, and Motorjesus don’t force you to.


The album finishes much like it begins, jacked-up, down and dirty rock music. “The Chase”, “Running out of Time” and “Awaken the Tyrants” wrap things up well. The punchy guitars, gravelly yet melodic vocals and tight drumming that by this point you know all too well remain ever-present, driving (while breaking every traffic law imaginable) the album towards its finish line.


While Motorjesus are not reinventing the wheel or breaking any moulds with Race to Resurrection, what they are doing is making music that makes you want to raise your fist triumphantly in the air and party all night long. And that’s good enough for me.





Track listing:


Tales From The Wrecking Ball

King Collider


Speedway Sanctuary

Casket Days

The Infernal

Burning Black

The Damage

The Storm

Engines Of War

The Chase

Running Out Of Time

Awaken The Tyrants



Review by Josh Farrell

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