Sydney’s Flickertail play “guitar-fuelled rock and roll” and after cutting their teeth and perfecting their sound in every pub in sight, they’ve released their debut EP (June 25th), “Hurry up and Wait” on Golden Robot Records.


The E.P opens with “Let There Be Love”. When I heard the thunderstruck-esque guitar intro I sighed at the thought of another AC/DC rip-off. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong. In fact, the song quickly delves into a sharp, syncopated guitar riff accompanied by the vocalist’s unique voice. It’s got an almost indie, Britpop tinge to it. On paper, the mix of classic Australian rock and let’s say, oasis, is not great. But in practise it’s excellent. The chorus features a slick, soaring melody. Its high energy from start to finish, with almost Thin Lizzy style licks littered throughout. The song finishes by returning to the thunderstruck style intro, coming full circle. Nice touch.


“Talk” is an upbeat, catchy pop (the good kind) rock song. There’s a nice dynamic throughout, starting much quieter with falsetto vocals and building to a much bigger, hooky chorus. The vocal line has an infectious descending cadence that just suits the singers voice to a tee. There’s a fuzzed out, groovy riff in the middle, it’s a little random, but it’s cool.


“Fade Away” has an Artic Monkeys style verse coupled with sharp stabbing guitars, giving it a punchy, urgent sound. Again, there’s a strong chorus. The instrumental section has a little bit of flash, but on the whole, it’s a fairly simple song. Not filler, but not the best song on the E.P. either.


“Green Eyed Girl”, a self-congratulatory, laidback, melody-driven rock song, showcases the band’s lyrically ability. It’s abundantly clear throughout the E.P. that Flickertail don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s incredibly refreshing and endearing. Despite the jokes, however, they are able to back it up musically. Beneath the sarcasm and wit, there is a group of genuinely talented musicians. This song a perfect example of that. The melody is catchy, the guitar playing is intricate and interesting, and the rhythm section holds it all together perfectly, something that’s actually more difficult in slower songs like this one. There’s also a Guitar solo in the vein of Gary Moore that really topped it all for me.


The closing track, “Back of my Mind” again features smart, well written lyrics sang through soaring, poppy vocals. Glimpses of falsetto add to the scale and dynamic of the song, as does the harmonies (evident throughout the E.P. but not mentioned until now). There’s a groovy guitar riff that folds into a driving powerful chorus riff. Thin Lizzy shine through in this song again with the synchronised guitar licks, their influence ever-present, especially in the instrumental sections throughout.


In my opinion run, do not walk, to get your hands of this E.P. I really can’t say enough good things about it. It’s fresh, it’s original, it crosses multiple genres without becoming gimmicky. They’ve got a great sound and I expect them to achieve big things. I’ll certainly be waiting for their next offering, you should be too.



Let There Be Love

Talk Fade Away Green Eyed Girl Back Of My Mind




Review by Josh Farrell.

 Pre-order/Listen to 'Hurry Up And Wait' here:  http://smarturl.it/Get-Flickertail-HUAW
 Liam Whelan - Lead Vocals/Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Jonny Goldrick - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Matt O'Callaghan - Bass, Marcus Fraser - Drums/Vocals




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