Buckcherry and Stone Broken bring the rock to the Limelight

On a chilled out but wonderfully warm Tuesday night in Belfast, rockers and rollers from all over gathered for one hell of a show in the Limelight. You know its going to be good when The Distortion Project run by the legendary James Loveday (Thanks for the coffee, by the way!) organises a gig. And once more this gig organiser excelled in pulling in a superb lineup for rock fans from 18 years and up.

First to hit the stage with an unbending dynamism was the fantastic Stone Broken. A rare occurrence took place for a support band with the floor of the Limelight 2 being filled with people. But it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise, while Stone Broken have only been going for five years they already have a solid following and the fans were in evidence tonight.

Stone Broken started blowing old fans away and moulding new Broken Army cadets as they cranked up the lazy evening with “Heart Beat Away”, “Better” and “Stay All Night”. Heads banging and feet tapping was evidence that people were immediately taking note of this high energy hard rock and roll. On they brought the rock onslaught with “I Believe”, “Doesn’t Matter”, and “Let Me See It All”. This was made even more enjoyable and unexpected with a superbly wrought drum solo from Robyn. The banter, smiles and interplay between all the band members rolled over the crowd who loved and lapped it up with delight. Finishing their set they stormed through “Worth Fighting For” and “Not Your Enemy”. Stone Broken delivered an amazing set, With full on passion and rocked up enthusiasm they left the crowd wanting more. A genuinely jubilant experience for even the most jaded rocker.

Then came the headliners. Buckcherry were back in Belfast with a vengeance. And there was no let up from start to finish. Kicking off with “Ridin”, “Broken Glass” and “Rose” they had the crowd in the palm of their hands, with bodies pulled inevitably towards the stage entranced by Josh Todd in fascinated ecstasy. This exotic Californian hard rock group were mesmerising, as Josh Todd writhed liked a snake entwining its prey. On they rocked with “Lit Up”, “Say Fuck It”, “Oh My Lord”, “Lawless and Lou Lou” now having fully embraced everyone under their sex and drink driven hard rocking style.

The night was a pure experience of delightful decadence that everyone was entangled in willingly. Dancing, headbanging and arm waving all as one, each doing their own thing Buckcherry were able to hold everyone together in adoration of the pure sexed up energy Josh and the rest of the group oozed. Josh delighted in teasing the crowd, interacting with them and bouncing off the aura of raw energy coming from the enchanted fans.

Then came the classic “2 Drunk” leading on into “Sorry”, “The Vacuum”, “Gluttony”, and rounding off with the fan favourite of “Crazy Bitch”. There will be many a sore throat tomorrow, but it was worth it. And could the fans ask for any more? Well Doh! Yes. Did they get it. Of course they did. Coming back on stage these Duracell powered tight dudes delivered “Everything” and the classic blues/rock tune “Roadhouse Blues” to a rapturous audience.

What a night! It was an experience that had to be experienced in person, to feel the vibes of joyful release through pure rock and roll entertainment. Everyone left with smiles on their faces having had a great night of top notch rock.

While both bands’ albums are incredible to listen to, these two groups MUST be seen live to be believed. The energy they both brought and the delight they delivered to everyone in attendance must be experienced live.


Review by Ivor Whitten

Photography by Darren Mcveigh


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