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Killing Joke:  At Your Peril 2018 World Tour + Boxset

To celebrate this extensive and ambitious tour, Killing Joke announce the release of the career spanning strictly limited edition flight case, which includes: 16 coloured double vinyls, a set of headphones, a signed lyric book and assorted pieces of art. The collection will also be available on CD...

Gus G Fearless

Everyone in the rock and metal world knows Gus G, aka Konstantinos Karamitroudis, aka the most famous session music in heavy music. Beginning his career in the late Nineties - having started at Berklee College of Music but finding it unsuitable after a few weeks - he joined the local rock scene and immediately began making a name for himself as a talented guitarist

Leaves Eyes Sign of the Dragonhead

When does a symphonic metal band become more than a symphonic metal band? When they become heavier? Lighter? More resonant of other genres? Less ‘symphonic’, for want of a better description? In a recent interview with Banger TV, Elina Siirala, Leaves’ Eyes new(ish) vocalist, claimed that the band were more than ‘just’ a symphonic metal band

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