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Crystal Viper At the Edge of Time

The good thing about heavy metal – the best thing – is its timelessness. From its early days (Sabbath, Hawkwind) right up to today’s titans (Metallica, Slipknot) it has rested on a bedrock of riffs, drums and kick-ass vocals. 

Blood of Christ Unrelenting Declivity of Anguish

In a broadly similar vein as the saying “a week is a long time in politics”, referring to seismic shifts that can occur in a short space of time.

Dizzy Reed Rock Rock N Roll Aint Easy

Dizzy Reed is best known as one of the members of Guns ‘n’ Roses ‘part two’, so to speak: joining the band after it’s seismic shift in 1990, he is actually the second-longest standing member, after Axl Rose.

Hexenklad Spirit of the Stone

Christianity and its inherent weaknesses/evil has been the subject of dozens, if not hundreds, of heavy metal albums. Few (if any) have framed it as an alien invasion upon a peaceful, Pagan society, and none in such enraged, funeral terms as the subject of today’s review.

Rose Tattoo Blood Brothers

Leaves Eyes Sign of the Dragonhead

Stormzone Lucifers Factory

Broken Witt Rebels Snake Eyes

Barros More Humanity Please

Kill no Albatross Speak true evil

Theia The Ghost Light

Seething Akira Sleepy Skeletor

Lordi Sexorcism

Not my Master Disobey

Flickertail Hurry up and Wait

The Howling Tides

MotorJesus Race to Resurrection

Five Finger Death Punch And Justice for None

Trauma as the World Dies

Gus G Fearless

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